Woman, Dog, and Canoe by Alex Colville

I follow Wayne Hurlbert on Facebook because he has a habit of posting links to art and music. Recently, he posted Alex Colville’s – “Woman, Dog, and Canoe” 1982

Is summer here yet? Because I want to go to Syers Lake.


I love walking my dogs, but…

… I don’t love carrying doggy waste. We swing through the park first because there a trash barrels, but some things can’t be forced. Try carrying 2 yucky squishy bags of grossness for a mile and a 1/2 through the neighborhood while trying to juggle leashes. It’s not fun.

I tried carrying the bagged waste in a little mesh bag hooked to the leash. That worked ok, but the smell wasn’t pleasant (really just awful).

I knew someone, somewhere, must have invented something because this is a problem we all share. After typing the words “dog poop carrying bag” into Google, I found…


It’s a hard-shelled, lightweight, washable “purse” with two compartments and a fresh bag dispenser.

In the used bag compartment there’s a little charcoal filter to help with the smell.

You just throw it over your shoulder like the woman in the photo and forget about it until you need it.

The shoulder strap is extra. It was worth it for me because walking 2 – 40lb dogs on extender leashes is like flying 2 kites at a time. It takes both hands.

I also bought it directly from the website. It was listed on Amazon where I have free shipping, but I wanted to see all the accessories and know I was getting it directly from the company and not a 3rd party re-seller.

The bag itself is $29.95 and comes with a wrist strap, a bag roll and a charcoal filter. I bought an extra set of replacement filters for $4.95 and a shoulder strap for $4.95. With shipping, I spent $48.66.

I walk my dogs almost every day, so the price was worth it. The PoopPac fixes the only bad thing about what should consistently be a really pleasant bit of exercise.