West Norwalk Association

minutes_signAs Co- Presidents of the West Norwalk Association, we had Valerie design our initial website 4 years ago. Since then, we’ve relied Valerie to keep it up to date, send mailings to our list, handle our organization email set-up, do surveys, and special graphics. She always makes sure our information is readable by different devices. Our members can read the minutes whether they’re on a cell phone or a desk top computer.

Since we have a nonprofit organization, she is cognizant of our finances, and offers the most cost–efficient methods for any projects. She has suggested  moving our website to a mobile friendly design in a format that would allow us to make most of the changes ourselves. It would give us more autonomy and save us money for the long run – even though it would mean a smaller paycheck for Valerie! We’ve been very lucky to find her and work with her over the past 4 years.

Linda Forcellina
Gay Mac Leod
Co- Presidents of the West Norwalk Association
Norwalk, CT